“How do you prevent the contact centre from being overrun at Christmas?”

The impetus

Every year, just before Christmas, it is always a bit of a wait-and-see whether or not the ordered presents arrive on time.

The consequence

Thousands of parents simultaneously contact at the last minute to ask about the status of their order.

The challenge for

As a company, you want to inform worried customers quickly and accurately. The correct order and delivery time must be revealed in no time. Problems in the logistics process must be noticed and solved. For hundreds of customers at once. In other words, this is impossible for the traditional contact channels. But yes, if you have to disappoint a customer because the present for their child will no longer arrive on time, the aim is to do this in a manner that is as empathically as possible.

Live Presence’s role

How was the holiday peak successfully handled?

Because we have a direct link with’s CRM system, we can inform customers exactly what the status of their order is via our automated chat. With empathy, of course. Moreover, just as easily we can judge whether further action is required. Customers get exactly the same help as if they would call or chat live with a person. In order to not unnecessarily burden the contact centre, customers who have received their order status through our solution are not offered the option to transfer to an employee.

During peak times, we had more than 11,500 automated chat conversations per hour, where we took care of the work of 1,000 FTE in the customer service department. And in the entire month of December, there were more automated chat conversations than the contact centre usually receives in phone calls. All without any hiccups or waiting times and with a resolution of 89%. This makes automated chat a significant contribution to’s services.