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Live Presence offers automated chat that feels like real, human interaction. Helpful, sympathetic and empathic. And therefore a very efficient replacement for the classic contact center. We combine advanced technology with intelligent conversation models.
A proven formula for success. Ideal for companies and governments with high-volume and irregular customer contact.

Founders of Intelligent Automated Chat

Since the launch of Live Presence in 2004, we have always had a clear vision. If you want to automate customer contact, you have to do this with human interaction as the starting point. From this point of view, we developed increasingly smart conversation models, which we combined with smart algorithms and software that we built ourselves from the ground up. The result: the most customer-friendly automated chat solution available on the market today.

“During Black Friday, Billie single-handedly took care of the work of 800 FTE in the customer service department.” — Huub Vermeulen, General Director @

We design human conversations

Authentic dialogue makes the difference

In order to take automated chat to the next level, we developed a completely new profession: conversation design. Here specialists fine-tune the specific knowledge and information of your organisation with the perspective of the customer or end user and map out all possible expected conversations. This results in a unique conversation design, thanks to which the chat application is able to understand visitors, reason logically and offer solutions in a relevant, human way. All without being distracted by language, typing or spelling errors.

“The Dashboard gives us early insight into problems, so that we can quickly trigger a fault report. As a result, customers receive an immediate response and do not need to contact the service center.” — Veronica Duarte Vidal, Customer Service Specialist @ Marktplaats

Unparalleled Technology

Remains incredibly cool
during peak moments

Behind the apparently simple chat window hides an extremely intelligent brain. Technology that we developed ourselves from the ground up. The goal: maximum freedom and maximum performance. Our application therefore works independently of third parties and is suitable for every conceivable chat application. From service provision to sales, but also, for example, for streamlining workflow processes. This includes managing damage reports and returns. So powerful and fast that our chat can effortlessly handle thousands of conversations at once during peak loads. In several languages!

Compatible with any system, any back-end
and every contact channel

Every company has its own systems, software and databases. We can make optimal use of these. The Live Presence technology works independently and is therefore not tied to specific third-party solutions. Thanks to the sophisticated plug-in architecture, we can establish a connection quite easily. Today we can effortlessly integrate almost every information system, social media channel and contact center software. We always guarantee a reliable connection.

Takes over a lot of work from the contact center

Lower costs, higher customer satisfaction

The use of our automated chat substantially reduces contact via your other channels. Other than the fact that the application can endlessly conduct more chats at the same time, the quality is equivalent to a phone call or email conversation. In fact, your customer satisfaction will only increase. Practice proves it. From retailers and insurers to telecom operators and the tax authorities. A relatively small investment yields very positive results in several areas.

“Live Presence and Centraal Beheer are part of a single Scrum team that monitors the ‘chat’ channel throughout the organisation. Thanks to chat, we are able to gain improved insight into what our customers want. Eventually, we want our customers to think ‘Let's have a quick chat with Apeldoorn’.” — Annemiek Bakker, Product Owner Chat @ Centraal Beheer

Treasure trove of customer insights

Optimise your business processes on a daily basis

In addition to being a premium chat solution, the application is a rich source of customer information and therefore an indispensable tool for sharpening and improving your business processes on a daily basis. You can select and analyse any conversation. This provides insight into the customer's needs and their reason for contact, and whether you need to take direct action. All information comes together clearly in your own management dashboard. This includes statistical data for forecasting, conversion charts, sampling and periodic reporting of key figures.

Automated chat. And beyond.

Continuous improvement model

Live Presence uses a continuous improvement model. Because the key to a successful automated chat solution lies in keeping up with and improving the conversation. Customer demands and intentions are constantly changing and are closely monitored by us. We also help you to optimally set up your IT architecture, fine-tune processes and analyse and provide further insight into all data that becomes available. Moreover, you can also deploy us to jointly determine your customer contact strategy for the future.

Inspiring customers

Almost all people in the Netherlands and Belgium know our applications and use them. Our solutions are used in companies and governments that aim to ensure lower costs, improved availability and higher quality of customer contact.

largest webshop in the Netherlands and Belgium

telecom provider in the Netherlands

public service for taxes, surcharges and customs

largest insurer in the Netherlands

largest advertising website in the Netherlands

Dutch public service for drinking water, sewerage and inland waterway management

consumer electronics retailer in Belgium

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